Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Others Are Saying...

"We first met Jill when my daughter was two years old. Before Jill started taking pictures, she sat down on the ground and showed my daughter the camera and even let her take some pictures too! With that fabulous beginning and Jill's gentle, caring nature my daughter immediately warmed up. When we got the photos back, I was speechless!! The pictures were amazing! Not only did Jill capture my daughter's smile but also her personality. Two years later, Jill is our one and only photographer and is affectionately called "My Ms Jill" by my now four year old."
Heather Riecken, Client since 2006

"My experience with Jill was the best photography session I have had. I have 3 little ones and she worked so well with them. She came prepared with candy which the kids responded too quite well. Jill also took extra time to make sure I got the pictures I wanted. She provided a CD of quality pictures with which I could do my own ordering. Will definitely use Just Jill again."
Kaley Haynie, First Time Client

"A rambunctious 3 year old boy, lots of running room, big sticks, piles of wet leaves, tree stumps and lots of dirt normally result in a very wet and dirty 3 old boy but when you add a professional like Jill (whose talent with the camera is equal to her talent with small children) to the mix the result is an album full of beautiful and creative pictures!"
Laura Hampton, First Time Client

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jill three times. Each session produced beautiful pictures and treasured memories. She works great with children. She is very patient and creative. I will definitley use her again in the future!
Shannon Parrish, Client Since 2006

I cannot even begin to put into words how I feel about the photographs that Jill has taken for us over the last year. It has been an emotional journey and Jill has captured it all on film. She started by taking pictures of our home and particularly 1 room. And within months she was back to take pictures of our newest addition. She has a way of catching every smile, every face, every look that we love about our son. She is so patient, kind, and funny that he warms right up to her. There is something in her vision that when we get the pictures back we laugh and cry (out of happiness) all at the same time. Thank you Jill for all that you have given us and we look forward to many many more photography sessions!!
Eric and Ali Thomas, Clients Since 2008

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Unknown said...

Today was our daughter's first birthday. We were so thrilled when Jill agreed to take time on a Sunday (and Valentine's day) to celebrate Hannah's birthday with us. She did a remarkable job and truly has a way with the children to put them at ease. We were nervous about having a "photographer" as part of our family gathering. It was amazing how well she blended in and we even forgot Jill was there. She puts you at such ease. Wow what a great first experience!