Monday, June 7, 2010

I've Moved!

Come on over to the brand spankin' new website here!
Please update your bookmarks...No new work will be posted here anymore!!! Hope you love the new place as much as I do!

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Fabulous Feuza!

This past Friday, I had the chance to go to Knoxville for the day to meet the oh-so-fabulous Feuza Reis and Shannon Kelley. Feuza lives in New Jersey, but came to Knoxville to second shoot a couple of weddings with Shannon. Feuza and I had never met in person, but have become great friends online through a scholarship we both applied for back around Christmas. She has been such a great encouragement to me and has quickly become one of my dearest friends. So I was thrilled to meet her and hang out in person for a whole day. It was also a huge blessing to meet Shannon and get to know her. I'm looking forward to many more trips to Knoxville to hang out with her! Feuza and I rambled around town and she did some headshots for me, so I grabbed a few of her as well! Here she is!!! Girl, come back to TN soon! Love you!

Some Adults and One Sweet Baby Girl!

This sweet little girl's grandmother called me for a shoot and I couldn't have been happier to oblige! Little Karleigh is in town for a week visiting with her mommy and daddy - and I can guarantee you she has gotten plenty of spoiling! I hope all of you enjoy your sneak peek, and have a great rest of your trip!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I so enjoyed meeting sweet Kinsley and her parents last weekend at Maple Lane Farm. Their session got rained out the first time around, so we were so glad to have a nice afternoon to work with! Kinsley is full of personality. It took me a little while to win her over, but I did finally and even got her giggling at the end. Mom and dad, thanks for making the drive to Johnson City. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, and I look forward to working with you all again!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Owen (and Abby too!)

They really do grow up fast! It seems like just yesterday I was doing Owen's newborn pictures, and here he is 7 months old! We tried to get it in at 6 months but had some troubles with scheduling, so I was so excited for it to finally work out and to head over to love on this sweet little man. Those mean teeth were bothering him, so we had lots of paci shots, but mom was so great about it all. She just went with the flow and I think we managed to get some really great shots that capture life right now for this family. And even though it was Owen's shoot, I couldn't help but let Abby have some time in front of the camera. She is too cute, and even gave me an "I love you" before I left. Such a sweet family - I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!