Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Super Cute and Fun Twins!

After rescheduling and rescheduling because of RAIN (so tired of it!), I finally got to meet up with Kaden, Keaton, and their mom Traci. These twins were a BLAST to work with! We barely beat a HUGE storm and I was a bit worried about all the dark clouds. But it turns out that this is one of my favorite sessions EVER. The lighting, even before a big storm, was awesome and made for some really great shots!

Traci, enjoy your sneak peek! I had such a great time and you have two wonderful kiddos! Looking forward to working with you again!

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Traci Honeycutt said...

Oh what fun we had! Thanks and I can't wait to get the CD! I love the shots! You definately captured my 2 monkeys! Hope to see you soon! Traci