Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chasing Fox!

Fox was on the MOVE - much like another 13 month old who happens to reside in my house! This session gave me a real glimpse into what our family photo session will be like next week. It took Fox a few minutes to warm up to me, but once he did, he was ready to GO - and I loved every second of it!!! We had such a great time exploring his house, and the land outside of his house. Dad is the director of Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville, and they live on the grounds of the Kanuga Conference Center. It is every little boy's dream - woods to explore, wide open spaces to run in, and sticks to throw to your family dog! We did it all and managed to get some great images along the way. Thanks so much for letting me come and enjoy the morning with your sweet family. You guys were great, and I hope you love your sneak peek!

The family has this picture from when Fox was about a month old and they wanted to recreate it...It took a few tries, but we got it! Mom and dad, I have it in black and white too, but loved the color version too! Hope it is what you wanted!

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