Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 - It's hard to believe!!!
What a year, what a decade, what a life!!!

It amazes me that in the past 10 years I have graduated from college, worked in 3 different churches, bought my first home, married the man of my dreams, given birth to the sweetest little boy on the planet (I'm biased, I know...), quit my job to become a stay at home mom, started a photography business, and made many, many friends along the way. What a great ride!

Today I look forward to not only 2010, but to the decade to come. It is exciting to think about what God has in store for me personally and professionally. I would have never guessed I would be where I am 10 years ago, so I can only imagine what the next 10 hold.

I had grand intentions of going back through all of my sessions from 2009 and posting some of my very favorite images for New Year's Day, but it just didn't happen. I have been enjoying having my husband home from work and hanging out with my boys. So forgive me.... Maybe I will do it next week when I am home alone with the little man and Clark has gone back to work (sniff, sniff).

I wish you all many wonderful blessings for 2010 and beyond. I can't wait to work with former and new clients in the coming year, and I look forward to growing as a person, wife, mother, artist, and follower of Christ.

2010 - Bring it on!

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