Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shhh - Surprise for Dad!

This was such a fun shoot! These two great guys are the sons of our pastor and his wife at our church. This is such a great, fun, awesome family! Mom was totally up for whatever with this session and seriously just wanted to capture Jake and Luke as who they are right now - active, goofy, and silly boys who just want to have fun - and beat up on each other a little bit. I love how laid back they were and how they were truly themselves in front of the camera. Mom, I hope I captured right where your kiddos are in life right now - and the sweet love they have for each other. You guys have great kids!! Hope dad will love the pictures (they are a SURPRISE for his birthday coming up this month).

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Feuza said...

boys will be boys, awesome job at capturing them! love it